Check Joggers
Sheartech MJ-1000

The MJ-1000
is a small, table-top check jogger.
An important part of any Check 21 Branch Item Capture solution.
The MJ-1000 Check Jogger is specifically designed to improve performance of the Check Scanners, MICR Readers and Check Imaging Systems.
Check Scanners

Checkmate 4090


The Checkmate Scanner comes in 3 different models to handle low to high volume scanning, Models 4050, 4090 and 4150. The last 3 digits of the model identifies what speed it will scan. The Checkmate scanner will scan checks, as well as, statements, invoices, load documents, etc. The ItemCapture software is simple to use, designed to give branch personnel the ability to capture and retrieve check and document images. It can be installed in less than 15 minutes. Images are stored in industry standard files on any drive location you specify. It can be used in a multi-branch environment with our ItemCapture remote viewing Utility.
For Check21, ItemCapture PLUS, you can read MICR, IMPORT, EXPORT, interface with your core processor and use in multi-branch environment. The Item Capture Viewer system allows you remote search, view and print check and document images.

Checkmate 4090 Specifications

  • 90 checks per min
  • Scans Front and Back (Duplex and Simplex)
  • Auto De-Skewing and Border Erase
  • Reads MICR Line
  • 120 Check Auto Feeder
  • Resolution: 100-600 dpi
  • USB 2. Interface
  • One Year Warranty
Options: Inkjet Endorser
DIMENSIONS: 9.4”(H) x 13.5”(W) x 11.5”(D)
WEIGHT: 20 lbs

Canon CR 55

Great for teller lines in bank branches or retail locations, the CR-55 scanner meets the requirements for distributed check capture and remote deposit. The CR-55 scanner can feed batches of up to 50 items at a time, and capture MICR data along with images of both sides of checks at a fast 55 checks per minute or 110 images per minute (U.S. checks, 200 dpi, B&W or Grayscale)

Canon CR 180

The CR-180 is a compact Check Transport device can scan up to 15,000 checks per day, scanning both sides of the check in one pass. It has ability to read the MICR on checks using its built-in magnetic head. Batches of checks can be scanned simultaneously and automatically sorted to two different output pockets using pre-configured rules based on the MICR data on the checks.

(Note: This is just a small selection of the Scanners that we can provide, call us with any scanner need you might have)